5 Travel Tips You Need To Know Before Visiting Italy

Italy is one of the best cities to visit not only in Europe but in the world. There are many attractions, famous cities and other exciting things in Italy, which makes it very interesting. If you are planning on visiting Italy, there are a few things you need to know about your travel.

Drink for free in Italy

There is safe and clean drinking water in Florence, Vernice, and Rome, which means that you can drink water for free. You only need your water bottle to drink from the free drinking water spots in the town squares.

Card payments are acceptable

In Italy, you can make payments using your card regardless of where you are or what you are purchasing. This makes it very convenient to walk and shop around because you don’t need to carry cash. With just a single card, you can make purchases and pay for services conveniently.

You’ll likely get lost

It is very easy to get lost in Italy, especially if you are driving. It is advisable to have an offline map to guide you because getting lost, especially in the mountain tops may not be as much fun as you imagine. A map helps you to navigate through easily without making unnecessary twists and turns.

Take your time to have dinner

Italy is the one place in the world where dinner time is not hurried. In Italy, dinner time is family time, time to enjoy with friends and to relax. If you are visiting the South of Italy especially, you must remember this.

The North and South of Italy are dissimilar

These two parts of Italy are not alike in any way. Despite them both being very great and interesting places to visit, they have very different feels. The North is industrialized while the South has a more Mediterranean feel.